10 Best Modern Yellow Accent Chairs on Amazon Right Now

Add Instant Sunshine To Any Room

You create your own decoration. You choose your color, you choose your mood. … If you are depressed, you put some bright yellow and suddenly you are happy.

Philippe Starck

It’s winter time and sunshine can be hard to come by these days.  My favorite season is summer. I like to think it’s because I was born in September so I’m naturally predisposed to loving this season. I moved recently and live in a mid-century modern home built in 1961 in the San Fernando Valley in California. I have always loved this type of architecture and would stay in vacation rentals in Palm Springs just to surround myself with something different than my previous 1950s built home.

Changing your surroundings can really change your perspective and mood.  That’s why adding a fun yellow chair or two can add that instant sunshine to your room. I chose these yellow mid-century modern chairs for my dining room and added two to my table. I actually purchased a total of 6 chairs in 3 different color pairs. What will you choose to add some sunshine?

Mid-Century Modern Chairs in Yellow by Poly and Bark
Picture of my dining room with the yellow modern chairs. That’s my dog Ziggy. This was just after we moved in and we couldn’t find a place for the water cooler.

Curated by Color’s Top 10 Best Yellow Modern Accent Chairs on Amazon Right Now:

Disclaimer: I have not purchased any of the chairs I’ve selected below.  I am curating this collection from Amazon to help cut the time out that you might spend on trying to find the right one.  I select based on what I would do if I was looking to purchase these pieces for my own home. I select based on the following criteria: Overall aesthetic-that the item appears to be made well.  Value- design vs. price.  Lastly, I take reviews into consideration. Keep in mind, not all items have reviews, as they might be newly listed.  I  will look at whether there are 4 stars or above. If you do purchase from one of the links, please let me know how it worked out for you!


I like the design of this sand modern armchair with yellow. It’s a just hint of yellow so if you aren’t ready to commit, it strikes a nice balance of neutral and color. Modern, simple, elegant and comes with a footrest. Ergonomic backrest and made from breathable ad durable cotton and linen fabric. There’s also a version of the sand modern armchair with yellow without a footrest.

Sand and Yellow Modern Armchair with Footrest by F&W


I like this sunny yellow armchair for it’s modern shape and if you need dark brown wood to match your existing furniture. The shade of yellow is more white based and is the color is more vibrant.

Post Mid-Century Modern Fabric Upholstered Armchair by Modway


If you like the French interior design look, think Hotel Bachaumont, or you love shopping at Anthropologie, this yellow vintage style accent chair is a perfect complement your room decor. It has brass colored ends with dark wood and faux durable yellow leather. Very luxurious looking without a hight price.

Yellow Leather Accent Chair


Sometimes a simple stool or ottoman is all that is needed to create a bit of cheerful color into your home.  This modern fabric stool has a plywood handle and not only comes in yellow but a few other choices.

Modern Yellow Fabric Stool with Plywood by Handle by Mod Made


A modern approach to a classic, the yellow recliner chair in a light yellow is a great choice. Place in a corner of your room that needs some light. Finish it with a tall lamp so you can sit and read your favorite book. Christopher Knight Home was started by Christopher Knight from the Brady Bunch. He should know about mid-century being on the Brady Bunch set all those years.

Light Yellow Recliner Chair by Christopher Knight Home


The molded rocking mid-century lounge chair.  Perfect for a minimalistic designed room. Some have added these as dining chairs. These come in a variety of colors so don’t limit yourself to just one. These are inspired by Eames chairs that are definitely the originals but more pricey. If you are interested in the version without the rocker legs, click here. They come in a set of 2 so you can add to your dining room or office and in so many colors. It has been a best seller along with the ones I purchased above.

Mid-Century Molded Rocking Chair in Yellow


A fabric upholstered modern armchair in yellow is sophisticated in this beautiful shade of yellow. A cozy addition to your living room, office, den, or bedroom. Classic tapered wooden legs and upholstered in durable fabric according to their item description.

Modern Fabric Upholstered Armchair in Yellow by Rivet Sloane


A mustard yellow armchair is a great way to incorporate some warmth without overpowering your space. This upholstered armchair can work in your dining room, office, or living room. The listing states it has “quality stain resistant polyester fabric”.

Mustard Yellow Upholstered Armchair by Versanora


This vintage inspired, velvet mustard yellow armchair would make a great option.  In velvet and good for small spaces.

Vintage Inspired Yellow Velvet Armchair by DHP Ivana


Last but not least, the perfect office chair.  Such an easy way to add to color since you’re usually working minimum 8 hours a day.  This chair comes in more colors if yellow is not your choice for you office palette.


Ribbed Management Office Chair in Yellow by SOHO


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