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Part 2: Bring Nature Inside Your Home with Rattan & Cane Home Decor

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature.  It will never fail you.

Frank Lloyd Wright

I know what you may be thinking. If you are around my age, you grew up watching “Threes Company”. Rattan home decor was used to decorate the apartment set for this popular this late 70s and early 80s show. However, it appears rattan home decor has made a strong comeback.

Rattan home decor has been a trend now for the past few years.  For me, it’s the second step of bringing nature inside your home. In addition to houseplants, rattan and cane home decor can help your home to feel like a vacation home in the tropics.  It all depends on how you use these pieces and not go overboard.

Real rattan and cane home decor is from climbing palms which are native to tropical regions of Asia, Africa, and Australia. It is predominantly grown in Indonesia (70%). Cane is part of rattan, however it is left in its natural state, where rattan is typically painted. It is a vital part of South and Southeast Asian economy.

Rattan and Cane Home Decor

I’ve curated plenty of options for you to add rattan home decor to your existing home design as part of bringing the outdoors inside. You are probably most familiar with the rattan outdoor seating that is mostly synthetic found all over major retailers websites.

rattan lamp bohemian interior design modern bring nature

These pieces I have chosen, are natural and not synthetic and can add a touch of nature to your space. Cane furniture tends to have a more polished and traditional look versus rattan furniture which tends to have a bohemian feel . Did you know Hermès has a cane, walnut, and leather sofa that ranges in price from $56K to $100K? It’s absolutely gorgeous and can certainly appreciate it, but many of us need a more cost effective option!

Here are some great options I found on Amazon to consider.  Bring nature inside your home easily by adding some houseplants from my previous post and now a couple pieces of home decor or furniture and then continue to my next post where I discuss paint colors and palettes to complement.

Amazon Volans natural rattan cane chair with linen seat
Volans Natural Rattan Hand-Woven Cane Chair with Linen Seat

Dimensions: 17.91″ W x 22.44″D x 36.00″H

Vintage look with contemporary feel


Amazon Edloe Finch Cane rattan back velvet seat set of 2 dining chairsEdloe finch set of 2 cane back velvet seat dining chairs

Mid-century modern, stainless steel frame, retro chic

Dimensions: 20 x 19 x 33


Amazon Safavieh Couture Set of 2 Hattie wood and natural rattan cane dining chairs

Safavieh couture hattie set of 2 natural rattan cane dining chairs

Minimalist, natural woven French cane, luxury

Dimensions:: 18. 1″ wide x 23. 2″ deep x 33. 5″ high with a seat height of 19″

Amazon Tidyard Set of 2 Modern Rattan dining chairs
Tidyard Set of 2 Natural Rattan Modern Dining Chairs

Ergonomically designed seat

Rustic charm-wrought iron legs

Dimensions: Dimensions: 19.3″W x 22″ Dx 33″H



Amazon Stone & Beam Rustic wood rattan cane dining chairStone & beam solid wood and rattan cane dining chair

Contemporary and transitional

10% hardwood, 88% rubberwood, 2% rattan

Dimensions:  22″W x 22″D x 33.5″H



Amazon Stone & Beam Bruckner Media Table wood and rattan  Stone & Beam Bruckner Wood and Rattan Media Table

Modern and transitional with storage drawers

Dimensions: 17″L x 64″W x 26″H



Amazon Southern Enterprises Simms Media Console in Brown with rattan cane
Southern Enterprises Simms Media Console Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern design, cane sliding doors, with engineered wood, poplar, birch veneer, rattan

Dimensions: 70″ W x 17″ D x 29. 75″ H


Amazon Koubou Rattan Coiled Rectangular wall Mirror 
Koubou Rattan Coiled Rectangular Wall Mirror

Handwoven natural rattan, modern style

Dimensions: 23.5”W x 35.5”H x 2.75”Deep


Amazon Stratton Home Decor Kristen Wall Mirror in Rattan

Stratton home decor kristen rattan wall mirror

Modern design

31.50”W x 0.75”D x 31.50”H overall, Mirror measures 14.50 diameter, Imported



Amazon Koubou Peacock Natural Rattan chair Kouboo grand peacock chair in rattan 

Not intended for outdoor use-natural rattan

Quintessential rattan chair, retro style

Dimensions:  40”W x 32” Deep x 55”H. Seat Height with Cushion 20 inches. Arm Height 28 inches.


Amazon East at Main Osborne Natural Rattan Accent Chair

East at Main Osborne Natural Rattan Accent Chair

Classic, rattan chair

1 yr manufacturer’s warranty

Dimensions: 27” x 32” x 35.8”


Amazon Rattan Grey white wash rattan modern chair

Rattan Grey White Wash Modern Round Rattan Chair

Bohemian and eclectic style

Dimensions: 29.5″ x 26.2″ x 31“



Amazon Safavieh Couture Auckland Natural Rattan Chair

Safavieh couture auckland natural rattan cane chair

Coastal cool elegance, luxury and trendiness

Dimensions: 25. 6″ wide x 30. 9″ deep x 30. 7″



Eichholtz Dimono Cane Folding Chair woven rattan back and seatEichholtz Dimono Cane Folding Chair

Bold black wood frame, natural rattan

Contemporary and striking design

Dimensions: 3″W x 32″D x 28″H



Amazon Madison Park Pauli’s Accent Chair with Rattan cane

Madison park paulie cane accent chair 

Transitional, classic, and sophisticated

Dimensions: 28″W x 28.5″D x 33.5″H



Amazon Kouboo La Jolla Round Rattan Storage Coffee Table

Kouboo la jolla rattan storage coffee table, white wash

Dimensions: Diameter 34 inches x 18 inches high. Diameter opening 25 inches. Inside height 15 inches.


Amazon Kouboo Peacock rattan side table with glass top


Kouboo peacock rattan side table with glass top

Classic and great companion to Koubou Peacock Chair (above)

Dimensions: 24” x 24”



Amazon Kouboo rattan woven side table storage stoolKouboo La Jolla Round Handwoven Stool or Side Table with Storage

Rattan over solid wood frame, sustains weight up to 150 lbs

Coastal, contemporary, practical

Dimensions: 18” x 18”


Amazon Storage Baskets Box Suitcases set rattan

Storage Suitcase style boxes set of 2 in rattan

Unique storage

Dimensions in CM: 40X25X18CM,46X32X20CM



Amazon Kouboo Sunflower rattan headboard bohemian bedKouboo Sunflower Rattan Bohemian Headboard for Bedroom

Queen size headboard

Rattan, natural color



Stone & Beam Chase Casual Wood and Rattan Queen Bed Cane FurnitureStone and Beam Chase Rattan Cane Queen Bed Frame

Dimensions: 63.25″W x 84.5″D x 54″H; LegHeight: 4″

Modern design,

Drawers can be added and sold separately



Amazon Bloomingville Daybed Rattan bohemianBloomingville Rattan Daybed

Rattan and fabric,

Dimensions: 71″L x 35.25″W x 22″H


Amazon Kouboo Rattan Indoor Planter with legs

Kouboo Rattan medium Indoor Planter with Legs

Natural rattan for indoor use only

Modern design

Dimensions: 12 inches x 28 inches high.


Amazon Kouboo Small Rattan Planter

Kouboo La Jolla Rattan Planter Small

Handwoven rattan

Dimensions: Diameter 6. 5 Inch x 6 Inch high



Amazon Stone & Beam Rattan Pendant Light

Stone & Beam Rattan Pendant Light

Barrel shaped, modern, natural rattan

Dimensions:  10″W x 10″D x 16.25″H; Hanging Length: 43.5″H


Amazon Kouboo Rattan Table Lamp

Kouboo Luhu Rattan Table Lamp

Coastal, tropical style

Dimensions: 15 inches x 23. 5 inches overall height. Lampshade only diameter 15 inches x 10 inches high.


Amazon Kouboo Rattan Pendant Light

Kouboo Open Weave Dome Pendant Light

Dimensions: Diameter 23”x 15” high. Total height with hanging chain 45”.



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