Neutral dining room with natural wood chairs and duck painting on wall with baskets

20 Interior Design Trends for 2021

The power to create a mood or transport yourself to the far regions of the world is in your hands.


Searching the internet for interior design trends for 2021?  I’ve done the work for you by reading the best resources and compiling the common themes.  I have found 20 interior design trends for 2021 that you will be inspired by. As we look back at 2020 and how we spent more time in our homes than ever before,  interior design is the best hobby because you will be giving back to yourself!

This is where we might spend the little extra money we have on beautifying our surroundings. Have you recently realized the color of your dining room is not suitable for your numerous Zoom meetings and are looking to create a more neutral color palette? Assess which space you want to rejuvenate once you get a handle the 2021 interior design trends and pick the trends that resonate with you.


Neutral dining room with natural wood chairs and duck painting on wall with baskets


Have you decided to create a bit more drama in your home by adding some wallpaper or accent color wall? Or, perhaps you have a room you rarely use and want to transform into a new extension of your cozy home.  Is your bedroom ready for that makeover? Ready for those high thread count luxury sheets you’ve been wanting to buy and now can justify? Remember, you can go with one or a few of the 2021 interior design trends and refresh your space with a new paint color, new furniture or home decor accessories.

Multifunctional spaces will be important as everyone continues to be at home hence the need for more privacy for work and school situations. Bidets are becoming popular due to lack of toilet paper resources and our need for hygiene. Since we’re on the subject of hygiene, surfaces that can be easily disinfected was also called out as a trend. Having an herb garden on hand is on trend as is home gardening. And finally, a need for a year round outdoor entertaining space could be where you invest.

20 Interior Design Trends for 2021


1. Nature Inspired Patterns


2.  Warm Colors and Earth Tones

3.  Global Influence


4.  Arts and crafts

5.  Japandi- Japanese Minimalism

6.  Natural Materials


7.  Lighter Toned Wood


8.  Distant Shores


9.  Ocean Hues

10. Macrame

11.  Scandinavian Style

12.  Contemporary and Artisanal Furniture


13. 1980s Revival


14.  Cottagecore-Bringing Outdoors In


15.  Grand millennial Style


16. Dark Hues


17. Statement Walls


17.  Old World Influence


18.  Rustic Style-plaids


19.  Shabby Chic

20.  Jewel Tone Walls

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