Color is a power which directly influences the soul.

Wassily Kandinsky



Curated by Color is a blog to share my love for everything in color. Think of this blog as an edited or carefully curated shopping experience inspired by color. Having a Chinese grandmother has made me a little superstitious or at least interested in the art of Feng Shui. When I set out to rearrange my home using Feng Shui principles I had read about, I started to plan my color palettes for the different areas of my home. I struggled trying to find just the right decorative pieces to finish my home decorating project. I would spend hours searching online and thought, wouldn’t it be great if someone was able to curate a collection from online retailers so I wouldn’t have to go through so many pages of products! 

I have a 25 year luxury retail background in sales, management, and buying on Rodeo Drive. I studied Fashion Design and Marketing at the American Intercontinental University when the campus was in Los Angeles. I worked for 15 years at a family owned French luxury company that would send me to Paris four times a year to curate from their own immense product offering, a collection of home decor, tabletop items, furniture, clothing and shoes for men and women, fine jewelry, and watches specific to the local Beverly Hills client’s needs and wants. I have developed an eye for tasteful and modern objects and as a Virgo, love to organize this for you ; ). 

My goal is to not only curate what I find online, but to write inspirational content relating to colors. Topics I am interested in covering: Feng Shui colors and cures, Chakra colors and meanings, color symbolism, color psychology, Pantone colors, history of colors, and chromotherapy or color therapy. I am also interested in hearing from you. What are you interested in as it relates to color?