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Hi there!  I started my Curated by Color blog in December of 2019 as a creative outlet.  The idea was spurned by a recent house purchase in March of 2019 and a need for finding home decor and furniture in colors for each of my rooms I was putting together.

Out of convenience and time and because I have an Amazon Prime account, I naturally gravitated to shopping on Amazon to get some items quickly. I found page after page maybe one or two items worth looking at or saving.  I seemed to waste so much time doing this!

About me, I have worked for in the luxury retail industry for 25 years in both retail management and as a retail buyer.  I really enjoyed my years spent on Paris buying trips for the company I worked for 15 years.  Currently I spend my days leading a team of sales professionals in luxury retail.

I’m committed to curating for you my favorite picks from Amazon to save you time and money.  I vow to only put on these posts what I would actually buy.  Although, some of these items do not have reviews but aesthetically, they fit what I feel is elegant, timeless, and of value.

I would love to know if what I chose helped you in some way. How did your project turn out?  Please share with me.


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